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When the River Sleeps

He had strived so hard after something that was still elusive. Perhaps the answer lay not in striving but in being. In simply accepting that the loneliness would never be eliminated fully, but that one could deal with it by learning to treat it like a companion and no longer an adversary. It had been many years now since he had thought of the girl he had loved, Seno. Some days he could not remember her face. It became a blur to him and he had stopped trying to put features to the blur. So it was not a hankering after her that brought on this loneliness. It was just a part of being human.

A lone hunter, haunted by a dream, goes in search of a heart stone which he'll pluck from the depths of a sleeping river far away. Along the way, he encounters the natural and the supernatural, hospitality and brutality, guilt and redemption. Life is fragile and fraught with danger, and many of those alive and well on his outward journey are dead by the time he returns.