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The Upstairs Room by Kate Murray-Browne

It became clear that resting every time she felt sick was not an option: she couldn’t stop participating in life altogether. She just had to live with it. [....] Wasn’t that just what women did, withstood physical pain in silence – had IUDs fitted, period pains, morning sickness, abortions and didn’t talk about it?

Stress plays on us in strange ways, and it isn't always easy to know if illness is psychosomatic or if it could perhaps be caused by the unknowable. All that the woman portrayed here knows is that she's been ill ever since she shifted into a new house, her husband's dream house. He rationally explains away the inexplicable, and sometimes the seemingly inexplicable does have a rational explanation. When it doesn't, he seems to wish away anomalies which could interfere with his world view. And, in the end, although the house is clearly a problem, it isn't entirely clear whether it is the house itself or its people that need attention.