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At the Edge of the Orchard by Tracy Chevalier

Women might shun her, but James would not. 

A tale of a marriage which is what it is. A woman who follows her husband to a swamp where she has no wish to be till she has children die there after which she has no particular wish to leave. A husband who, flawed though he is, stands by her as well as he knows how to despite seemingly caring more for his apple trees... And, so, life goes on till a day comes when they accidentally kill each other during a fight leaving their four living children orphans. One of them, a boy, leaves home finding what solace he can in trees across the continent. He is ultimately joined by his sister who has not had an easy time of it and dies soon after... but not before giving him some apple seeds from what was once home.

A portrait of what it takes to be there for those one loves across distances, time, and absences. And what how little it takes to let those one loves down.